La Serra Sport Lounge

The place where sport is combined with a pleasant moment of relaxation.

Welcome to La Serra Sport Lounge at Mediterraneo. Located at the entrance to the Camping Village Mediterraneo, in the vicinity of the San Marco Battery, La Serra welcomes guests and visitors in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, characterized by a deep connection to nature. Stepping into La Serra means immersing yourself in a tropical forest waiting to reveal its secrets to you. Shrubs, ferns, climbing plants and patches of greenery create a picturesque backdrop to the Lounge area and welcome guests. This setting is the prelude to the multitude of experiences that unfold within it.The energy of a tennis match, the team spirit of a five-a-side football match with friends, the relaxation of a yoga lesson in the greenery. Followed by laughter, lively conversation, and fun in a relaxing environment, surrounded by lush vegetation, where you can enjoy moments of conviviality while sipping a fine cup of coffee or a healthy drink, savour a light lunch, a quick snack between games, or aperitifs and post-dinner drinks. Complementing these experiences is a thoughtfully crafted menu, aimed at providing gratifying and palate-pleasing flavours and lightness. The two areas of the ‘Serra Sport Lounge’ coexist and are inextricably linked: the Sports centre and the Lounge. Tel. +39 041 966 122 (ext.7)

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