Camping Village Mediterraneo



Camping Village Mediterraneo offers its guests all the essentials services to keep their habits also on holiday. There is a supermarket full of fresh products, with a fruit and vegetable area, a bazaar with a newspaper kiosk and a bicycle rental facility: they are all open every day of the week.


If you love cooking and being creative in the kitchen, you can find everything you need to prepare your personal favourite dishes at the Camping Village Mediterraneo supermarket. Try all the different kinds of fresh-baked bread, seasonal locally-produced fruit and vegetables, our rich counter of cured meat and cheese specialties, as well as our wide range of national and international draught wine and beer. During your stay at Cavallino, you can try all of our local delicacies and our staff will be happy to give you suggestions!

The prestigious Batteria San Marco, our recently renovated market stretches through characteristic aisles, custom-made furniture and multimedia devices that make your grocery shopping even more pleasant.


At Camping Village Mediterraneo bazaar, besides newspapers and tobacco products, you can find all the necessary items to sunbathe and relax, making your holiday on the Adriatic Sea the best of all times!