Camping Village Mediterraneo

Workshop “Vegetable sculpture, microcosms in transformation”

First workshop

During the 16th edition of the Biennale di Venezia, MICROCLIMA and Kunsthalle Zürich present Il Giardino dei Bambini Non Accompagnati (The Garden of Unaccompanied Children) at the Greenhouse of the Gardens of Venice. The project foresees a program full of workshops and labs, and the small guests of Camping Village Mediterraneo are invited to participate, since our Camping has some reserved places. The first workshop, titled “Vegetable sculpture, microcosms in transformation” will take place on Friday, 22 June 2018, from 2.30pm to 6pm. In a didactic and playful context, children will take part in the construction of an ecological device capable of interacting with the place, activating micro-transformations from plant materials. Participants will discover and map the evolution of the sculpture, building a long-lasting relationship with the gardens.

Info and booking at the info point of Camping Village Mediterraneo.