Camping Village Mediterraneo

The Garden of Unaccompanied Children

During summer 2018, from June to September 2018MICROCLIMA and Kunsthalle Zürich present Il Giardino dei Bambini Non Accompagnati (The Garden of Unaccompanied Children) at the Greenhouse of the Gardens of Venice, a construction made of glass and iron, built in 1894 in the neighborhood of Castello. The title is inspired by an amendment of 1892 by the Comune of Venezia. The law stated that all children, even unaccompanied ones, must have free access to the enclosed garden. The project addresses all little ones, with the objective to rediscover the advantages of playing in our city and in its green areas.

Thanks to the collaboration of Fondaco Italia, Gruppo Vacanze & Natura, with its Camping Village Mediterraneo and Camping Village Dei Fiori in Cavallino Treporti (VE), has taken part in the project, restoring the green area next to the Greenhouse of the Gardens of Venice and Viale Garibaldi.

Il Giardino dei Bambini Non Accompagnati focuses on creating a didactic and playful area for children of every age. Games are based on self-building techniques, using simple and easily available materials. The project will take place in the garden behind the Greenhouse, and in the public one close by, and its core idea is to consider the garden not as a mere container, but as the content of children’s games instead.

Il Giardino dei Bambini Non Accompagnati foresees a program full of workshops and labs, and the small guests of Camping Village Mediterraneo and Camping Village Dei Fiori are invited to participate, since our Camping has some reserved places.

For more information, please ask the info point of the village.