Camping Village Mediterraneo

Safe holiday

A few simple rules that will allow you and your family to spend a peaceful and safe holiday at Camping Village Mediterraneo.


Is it possible to access the beach freely?
Is it safe to swim in the sea?

Of course, you have free access to the private beach in front of the village. A steward will be at your disposal from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., in order to help you find a place and to promote social distancing. All accommodation units have their own beach station, consisting of a beach umbrella and two sunbeds, in an exclusive and superior space. The beach station will be cleaned and disinfected every morning as required by health protocol.

Swimming at the sea is safe!


Is it possible to swim in swimming pools?
Can parasols and sun loungers be used?

The swimming pools are open and it is possible to access them in accordance with the health and safety regulations laid down in the health protocols that will be provided to you upon your arrival.

The entrance to the water park is free with regulated access.

Parasols and sunbeds can be used for a fee (always upon reservation at the info point of the village) and will be cleaned and disinfected at the end of each use, in order to guarantee the safety of all guests.

  Camping & Village

Is the facility secure?

All common areas are cleaned and disinfected several times a day by our staff with detergents and sanitizing products, absolutely harmless to human health. Pitches and mobile homes are also far enough away and all with private access and parking nearby.

Is it safe to stay in the housing units?

Camping Village Mediterraneo sanitizes the accommodation unit at every guest change with the use of certified cleaning products that are harmless to health. The constant exchange of natural air and periodic ozone sanitation are also guaranteed, as well as the replacement of the filters of the air conditioners.

Can one move freely within the structure?
Is the mask compulsory?

Inside the structure you can move freely, obviously always respecting the two simple rules of social distancing and the mask in closed environments. It is mandatory to use the mask outdoors, in all places of possible assembly, from 18.00 to 06.00. However, you will find information everywhere, at the reception on your arrival, in the information signs in the common areas and on the beach by asking the steward.

How can health services and common areas be used?
Is there a regulation?

You can use all the sanitary services and common areas (camper service, chemical toilets, boat storage, etc.) available in the structure, respecting the social distancing indications or wearing the mask when you are in proximity – distance less than one meter – of other people who are not part of your family.

  Food and Beverage

Are the restaurants open?
Do I need to book a table?
Are there any table spacings?
Is it possible to order for take-away or have the dishes delivered directly to the pitch or housing unit?

All refreshment areas are open and comply with the rules of the health protocol regarding the spacing, cleaning and disinfection of each table at the end of its use. It is therefore possible to use the table service in complete safety, without any barriers. You can eat both inside and outside and the reservation is welcome.

The guest will be required to wear the mask only when, inside one of the refreshment areas, he is not seated at the table. In many places there are also dispensers with hydroalcoholic solutions for hand hygiene.

For all those who prefer to eat in their own unit or pitch, take-away and home delivery services are available, another novelty for the 2020 season.


Is there free access to markets and bazaars?
Is it possible to buy masks and disinfectants?

The market and the bazaar can be accessed respecting the usual two rules of social distancing and the mask indoors.

At the bazaar it will be possible to buy masks and disinfectants, but it is not possible to guarantee their continuous availability for all guests of the village; it is therefore advisable to come on holiday bringing some of them with you.

You can also rent bicycles and helmets, as they are all cleaned and disinfected after each use.


Is it possible to use the gym?
Is there a regulation?
How are the tools cleaned and sanitized between one person and another?
Is it freely accessible?

Of course, you can use the gym free of charge, upon reservation at the info point:

  • keeping a safe distance from other people during physical activity;
  • not sharing tools or personal items with other users;
  • using footwear suitable and intended exclusively for this purpose;
  • storing all clothing and personal items in your bag;
  • always sanitizing the tools used after use.

The gym is also sanitized daily by our staff.

Are there fitness activities of the animation?

The animation team is present and activities are guaranteed. Simply book the various fitness offers at the Animation office and respect the rules of social distancing.


How are the kids activities in the village managed?
Are the environments where they are carried out safe?
Is there a regulation?

Entertainment and animation activities for children take place at the kids club and on the seafront park.

Access is supervised by the head of the kids club, who will enforce the maximum number of accesses allowed at the same time and ensure that children maintain a minimum safe distance. All the stations are sanitized at each team change.

  Territory and Security

Is the area around the facility safe?

Cavallino-Treporti and Venice are safe territories!

Free exploration of the territory is absolutely encouraged: going out on foot, by bike, canoe, or going to Venice by public transport are all permitted and safe activities. Of course, always respecting the two usual rules of distance and mask inside the rooms.

Is it verified that the guests are not suffering from Covid-19 on arrival?

On arrival the guest will have to read the specific information in which they will be informed that entry to the village is only allowed for those who are not COVID-19 positive, who are not in quarantine, who have not been in contact with positive subjects in the last 14 days and who at the moment do not have a temperature above 37.5°C and/or other flu symptoms.

In the event of a case of positivity among guests or staff during my holiday, will I be notified?
What should I do?

In case of a positive client inside the village, the Management will inform the Asl of competence and will have to respect the instructions that will be given to it; the rooms will be sanitized by an external specialized company and it will be the task of the Asl to go back up and then inform all the people who have come into close contact with the positive guest.

The other guests of the village will not have any repercussions in terms of personal limitations.

This document is updated to August 17th 2020 and refers to the regional state regulations currently in force.