Camping Village Mediterraneo

Caravaning rewards Camping Mediterraneo


Camping Village Mediterraneo entered a prestigious classification made by Caravaning, the most famous german magazine about camping around the world. Caravaning’s aim was to identify and reward the best touristic accomodation on Adriatic see, selectioning them thanks to ratings and comments given by the same guests on portal review.

Mediterraneo made it to this selection this way, recording an overall rating of 4,1/5. Kindness and warmth of staff got the highest mark (4,65/5) followed by Camping position (4,59/5) and general cleaning of the village (4,54/5).

Camping Village Mediterraneo is defined perfect for families with children (4,62/5) but at the same time great for couples (4,22/5) and senior (4,02/5).

Besides fully enjoying the greenery that surrounds it, Camping Mediterraneo represents the perfect choice for everyone!