Camping Village Mediterraneo

Camping Mediterraneo’s beach is suitable for kids

The coastline of Cavallino-Treporti got the prestigious reward of “Green Flag” again. “Green Flag” consists in an award, exclusively given to the municipalities “suitable for kids”, that means the towns and cities ideal to spend holidays with children.

The fundamental criteria for the assignment of that reward are the following ones:

  • clean water and shallow waters;
  • thin sand beaches that slope down towards the sea, with well spaced beach umbrellas and lifeguard always available;
  • colourful play areas for kids;
  • wide spaces for sport activities with ice cream shops, restaurants and pizzerias in the surroundings.

More specifically, what is requested is everything you need to entertain the little ones in security and to let the family spend some relaxing holidays.

The “Green Flag” is assigned to the coastlines after a verification made by italian pediatricians that personally try the sandy shores and the buildings, following the criteria given from doctor Italo Farnetani, founder and creator of the initiative.

We are glad to know that our beach has been recognized as suitable for the “Green Flag” for the sixth consecutive year. Camping Village Mediterraneo pays a great attention towards families with kids, in order to let them feel happy, comfortable and in total security on the coastline and inside the structure.