Camping Village Mediterraneo

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Away with boredom. Constant fitness with sports! At Camping Village Mediterraneo your holiday can be as dynamic as you want it to be. You can try out new activities every day with new international friends.

Camping Village Mediterraneo has facilities equipped for all different types of sport; from tennis to five-a-side football, from basketball to beach volley, from swimming to surfing and scuba diving, to table tennis and the numerous daily tournaments organized by the entertainment team.

A weekly calendar full of classes designed for all ages and needs to suit everyone, from fitness fans who won’t give up keeping fit, never skipping a day, to those who just want to have fun with a little exercise. And to the most competitive guests, Camping Village Mediterraneo offers the opportunity to participate in specially organized contests and tournaments.


L'ACACIA - Fitness centre

If you wish to train also on holiday, the L’ACACIA – Fitness centre at Camping Village Mediterraneo is equipped with modern and high-quality Technogym machines.

You can follow a training session that includes cardio and polyfunctional machines allowing you to perform more than one exercise or train in the areas dedicated to floor exercises.

You can train and then pamper yourself with an invigorating bath in our pools and in our whirlpool bath. Take care of your body. Keeping in shape on holiday is possible!

Fitness club

Fitness lovers staying at the Mediterraneo Camping Village in Cavallino Treporti will be able to enjoy an “active” holiday dedicated to energy and vitality.

Together with our professional instructors we have prepared a rich programme of courses suitable for all ages and needs: aerobics, water gym, spin bike, soft gym and fitness training.

Our instructors are ready to consider any special requests and are available for personalized solutions and advice.

Sporting club

Camping Village Mediterraneo offers its guests the facilities and equipment to practice a wide range of sports: from tennis to five-a-side football, from table tennis to beach volley.

If you’re looking for fun and games with a touch of competitiveness just sign up for one of the many tournaments organised daily by our sports instructors.

Swimming school

During the years, many children learnt how to swim thanks to our swimming school. Now, years later, they are coming back, maybe with their significant other or with their own children, who in turn start takin swimming classes, just like their parents did.

Swimming is a fun, exciting sport, suitable for all ages, and one of the least dangerous ones. Relax your mind and body swimming in the blue waters at Camping Village Mediterraneo!


Water, sun and wind: the perfect ingredients to windsurf. The “Little Maui” surfing school of Camping Village Mediterraneo, managed by the Kanz family, offers windsurf, catamaran, stand up paddle and sup Yoga courses held by qualified instructors for both adults and children of all levels. Moreover, guests who already are experts in these disciplines can rent the equipment only.

Licences, issued by the VDWS International association with which Little Maui is affiliated, are globally recognised and valid for the rental of your windsurf equipment.


Scuba diving and courses for all levels, from beginner to expert. Thanks to the professional expertise of our instructor Daniele Comin and his co-workers, the Camping Village Mediterraneo Diving Centre offers a complete range of the PADI and EFR courses, as well as short courses to introduce you to scuba diving.

The most daring guests can scuba dive in the Adriatic Sea and explore its seabed, discovering the sunken wrecks from WWI and the “Tegnùe”, extraordinary under water rocky outcrops.


Discover the hidden corners of the Venice Lagoon from a different perspective: the water. Camping Village Mediterraneo offers its guests unforgettable canoeing trips along the Lagoon canals and the Saccagnana and Mesole fishing valleys, in an untouched and silent environment, where many different types of birds find their habitat.

During the trip you will be accompanied by a trilingual naturalistic guide who will illustrate the characteristics of the canals and Lagoon seabed and the purpose of the “bricole” (wooden poles that mark out water ways within the Lagoon) without leaving out the Lagoon’s history.