“The season on your plate”

“The season on your plate”

This is our slogan and that is why we offer our tasting menus that retrace the gastronomic history of the lagoon area, rediscovering the simple products which made rich and important the cuisine of our region. Sea bass, mullet, go’ (ghiozzi), scallops, clams, cuttlefish and several other types of seafood; the “castraure”, violet artichokes from Sant'Erasmo which are served raw, seared or fried; green asparagus, courgettes and all types of vegetables which, together with the fruit, made the peninsula of Cavallino the garden of Venice. It is no coincidence that the pink peaches of its orchards inspired the venetian cocktail “ Bellini” which is famous all over the world.

The composition of our Menu à la Carte is renewed three times a week with fresh dishes for the hottest time of the season and adapted to the needs of our costumers, always prioritizing ingredients from your local producers. Every day we offer a new “pizza del giorno”, while our “hits” the Mangiafuoco with chilli, the Sarda with buffalo mozzarella and parmesan flakes or the Estiva – with Ricotta and Parma ham remain the most requested.

Our winery offers you a carefully selected wine list that enhances the flavours of our dishes. The names of over 40 wine companies are represented in our wine list including Col Vetoraz, Masi, Ferrari, Ca’ del Bosco, Specogna, Frescobaldi and many others.


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